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Not Your Traditional Wedding Cake

Friday, March 2nd, 2012
When I think of the cakes I’ve seen at weddings I think of multi tiered cakes, white in color, decorated with flowers and topped with ceramic figurines. The request I had for my most recent project was unique, both in design and flavor – Pistachio! I had never tasted or made a pistachio cake so I was a bit nervous. The majority of the recipes I found online called for boxed cake mix and instant pudding. Although I’m sure delicious, I vowed prior to starting this blog that I would never again use a boxed cake mix. So, after some more research I found a recipe and went to work in the kitchen.
The result was a dense, heavy cake with a nutty flavor that came from ground pistachios and a touch of almond extract. Definitely not a light, fluffy cake. I filled the layers with basic buttercream, using more powdered sugar than usual to create a stiff frosting that would hold up to the weight of the cake. I didn’t have specific instructions for the design, other than I picture I was given of the floral dress the bride will be wearing to the celebration party on Sunday. Not your traditional white wedding cake! So, here it is… Yes, it’s sitting on my couch. It was the only place in my house that had enough natural light to get a decent picture...

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